About AnnaLaReine

Hello! I am Anna and I am a former synchronized swimmer and former USA National Team member. I have been pursuing synchronized swimming for the last eighteen years and I have made many sacrifices including moving away from my family at fifteen years old to go after my dreams. Now that I am satisfied with my synchronized swimming career, it is time for me to hang up my bathing suit and seek my other passion—history!


I am very excited to share with you my love for history. I have been infatuated with history since I was a child. I enjoy researching about history in books, videos, and the internet. I get very curious and wrapped up in historical events. I like coming up with my own theories on why certain things happened. Also, I ponder on why certain events became part of our history.


I would like to explain the meaning behind the name, Anna La Reine. La Reine is French for The Queen. I chose La Reine because in the sixteenth century, French was spoken in most of the European Courts. With the sixteenth century being my favorite period in history and French being one of my favorite languages, I could not resist! Plus who doesn’t want to be a Queen?


When I am not working on Anna La Reine, I like researching about fashion, studying French, and reading biographies and historical novels.


Welcome to Anna La Reine and I hope you enjoy!


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